Delivering professional operations assistance, design, development, construction and procurement services. At Encompass Native our goal is to expand operations, marketing and financial needs to meet the expectations of our Native American Partners.

Encompass Native is a company that provides management of projects for the gaming, hospitality, commercial and retail industries. We fully understand integration of all aspects of a project, from design to construction to start-up and operations.

We’re experts on experiences – the little details that keep people coming back again and again. Our greatest skill, however, is in building long-term relationships by fulfilling our promises. We listen. We learn. We build upon the visions and dreams of our partners. That’s where Encompass Native makes the difference.


Offering a wide range of services, Encompass Native strives to develop a lasting relationship with the partners we work with. You can be confident you are getting the best work at the best cost, completed on-time and on-budget, with a partner you trust to keep your business interests in mind
— and everyone’s personal interests at heart.

2510 East 15th Street | Suite 201 | Tulsa, OK 74104 | 502-992-5105