It is well known that the Native community and the gaming industry have formed a very successful symbiotic relationship. Gaming has served as a key driver of increased tribal revenues and has contributed to many tribes enhanced financial strength guiding their quest to achieve economic independence and self-sufficiency.

Although gaming is very successful, you may find yourself asking if a casino is the only option available when trying to increase revenue? Are there any other attractions or facilities that can be utilized to entice a different demographic. Can these other attractions coupled with a successful gaming operation add another entertainment option that can be beneficial to your bottom line.

So what are some other options? Encompass recently completed a project that gave us an opportunity to answer that question. We partnered with the Eastern Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma who asked us to help them explore new sources of revenue for the tribe. The results of our research provided them with over a dozen options. None of these suggestions were related to the gaming industry because the goal was to help the tribe attract individuals with other interests.

When looking into other opportunities, we studied initial investment costs, annual operating costs, estimated annual revenue and preliminary return on investment numbers. It was important not only to provide the tribe with ideas for a new operation, but to also supply them with financial numbers. After careful consideration, the decision was made to build a state of the art shooting facility called Shawnee Skies Firing Range.

The Master Plan for the property included building access roads, a 2,250 square foot clubhouse, a shotgun range with skeet and trap fields, a sporting clay course, a public 50 yard pistol range, and a 50 yard police qualification range. The new facility is ideal for the area because the use of firearms is very popular in that region of the county. It is also beneficial to local law enforcement agencies like the Eastern Shawnee Tribal Police as well as the Seneca Police Department. Before construction of the range was complete, several officers had to travel long distances in order to meet state mandated criteria which required them to range qualify two times a year.

The range not only benefits adults but children as well. New youth programs have been developed that help kids learn safe ways to handle weapons, shoot competitively and how firearms can be put to good use. Instructors are available to teach children the proper way to clean weapons and make sure to take every possible precaution so that accidents don’t happen.

The complex is also used for tournament and competitive shooting. Shooters from around the region come to Shawnee Skies to participate in the events. The new attraction has been extremely successful financially an educationally. We love to hear comment like, “I want you to know how many compliments we get on the Shooting Complex and how many opportunities seem to be opening up. I think we have hit upon a gold mine there”, Chief Glenna Wallace, Eastern Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma.

At Encompass Native we strive to do our very best to help our partners reach their goals. If you are thinking of ways to expand your revenue source be it through gaming or other opportunities please contact us for a free consultation.